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How Useful Are Videos Towards Your Marketing Strategy?

When you are evaluating your company’s online presence and how well it serves your business goals, it is natural to think about SEO and other marketing tools. Multimedia is a natural choice for adding more graphically oriented designs which also inform, and videos are a prime method for doing both.

Customers Like Multimedia

Today’s customers are more technologically sophisticated than ever and have come to expect a wide range of media as they surf on the internet. Videos permeate commonly visited sites like Facebook and other social media platforms, and YouTube is entirely made up of videos about every subject under the sun.

Online news outlets are relying more and more on videos to tell their stories, and our society is becoming as dependent on visual and audible information as it is on written communication. A site needs to have a good balance between videos and written content to catch and retain the attention of potential customers.

“Videos are a great way of making an emotional connection with your potential customer. Even in a digital world people still want to buy from people.” – Brian Maruska

Makes Visitors Linger Longer

The goal of any media on your site is to keep visitors online and hopefully convince them to purchase a service or product. The longer they linger, the better the chances you have to make a sale. Videos are popular with site visitors, and if used effectively, they can be a powerful marketing tool. Videos are not heavy on conventional SEO tactics, but they are conducive to prolonging the customer experience on the site.

There are multiple kinds of videos you can use to make people linger. You can implement introductory videos on your main page to welcome your visitors and present them with commercial and informational videos on your service pages. Remember to keep your welcome videos short and catchy and all your videos entertaining and professional.

Professional Videos

While it is possible to make your own videos and upload them yourself, this is not really advisable. No matter how talented or erudite you may be, it is better that a professional, with no emotional connection to your business and products, has editorial control.

A pro videographer will have years of experience and access to various modeling tools that can help make your videos pop. Most often, a videography team will work with you and present you with templates and storyboards to choose from. You can be as involved in the process as desired and always have the final word on the finished video.

When used judiciously, videos can increase the “stickiness” of your site. When you inform and entertain your customers, they will stay longer and return more often. Videos should be part of your overall marketing strategy, and now is the time to plan on the best way to add more multimedia to your website.

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