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Local Knowledge is Key

Working with a digital marketing agency doesn’t have to be so complicated. There are lots of options from small teams to large corporate outfits but finding the right fit for you and your business is sometimes more important than the product itself. As the business owner or decision maker, you’re sole responsibility is to make sure your team as well as the agency team you’re working with are on the same page with the campaigns overall strategy, creative, delivery and the one thing everyone is afraid to bring up – the cost!

Value of meeting face to face.

Working with a local agency has it’s perks. From being able to meet face to face while also following social distancing guidelines is paramount to a successful marketing strategy and campaign. A local agency has the knowledge an outside firm just wont have. The example I use all the time came from meeting with a local furniture store. They were frustrated with their national firm because “Rapid City is only 40 minutes from Spearfish. Why wouldn’t someone from Rapid City drive up to Spearfish to shop furniture?” Unfortunately, that’s a tough pitch sometimes when most of the traffic ends up going from Spearfish to Rapid City and not the other way around. But, where does the local knowledge come in? We know that there is a TON of traffic that actually comes south from Wyoming into Spearfish so why would we focus on trying to lure customers up from Rapid City when we can spend less and reach more people in Gillette? This is a prime example of working with a local agency rather than an out of town firm.

Take the necessary time to get to know the team of the agency you’re going to be working with. They’re essentially a part of the team – they have to fit in!

Services and Features of a Quality Agency

  • Ability to meet with your team regularly

  • Access to high quality tools and delivery methods

  • Regular optimization and reporting

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